The Arrival of Spring 2012

The mild winter is coming to a close and spring is beginning to make its presence felt, even in New York City.  This is the view from Riverside Drive and 151st Street, the early morning traffic on the West Side Highway, the peacefully flowing Hudson River, and New Jersey’s shoreline beyond that.  The sound of traffic fades into white noise as the sun begins to bathe the scene with its light and warmth.  A glorious beginning!

The swelling of buds is visible on the naked branches.  Here on the western heights of the Hudson, the warm caress of the sun is more elusive and precious.  While the trees closer to the water are already beginning to flaunt their seasonal finery, up here, on higher ground, we’re somewhat coy in our expression…

And when–warmed by many sunny days and no longer afraid of a returning freeze–we finally burst forth from our buds, it is clear that it was worth the wait!  The tender green of the lacy new leaves now covers the once bare branches, fulfilling the promise of the early buds and the renewing cycle of the seasons.

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