Thank You!

Thank you to all who stop by to check out Serenity in the City.  When I started this blog, I wasn’t sure how it would express…it is becoming a daily meditation for me and my hope is that some of that meditative spirit spills over and brings a measure of serenity to your own lives.

Giving thanks is a great priviledge and opportunity.  It is a priviledge because it means that we have the awareness that good is operating in our lives.  It means that there is a recognition and appreciation for what we have to offer.  It means that there is a flash of remembrance of who we really are…One. And it is an opportunity because in expressing thanks it allows us to be generous, because in expressing gratitude, and all the depth of feeling that comes with that, we are saying:  Thank you for your gift…let’s share that!

Giving thanks is like having the Light of Soul shine through the clouds of human perception.

I hope you will continue stopping by, allowing me to offer what I have, and receiving a small measure of serenity that you can carry with you through the day.

Thank you!



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