6 thoughts on “How Do I Get On This Thing?

    1. Thanks, Lisa! It’s just that confusing up at the GW Bridge! Glad I don’t have to drive it…of course, down from my place it’s much clearer…🙂

  1. Ahahahaha! Beautiful shot — and it makes me think of the time my boyfriend and I were in NJ at night trying to figure out how to get on the walking path — we had walked from Hackensack (back in the eighties — we were young, drunk and adventurous). We got alllll the way to the bridge and had to be driven across by bridge security!

    1. Yeah, I did “adventurous” things back in the eighties, too! Although my sweet young daughter is still complaining about draggin’ her ass all the way up to the bridge & back! Thanks for stopping by!🙂

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