Bryant Park Ni Irasshaimase

Welcome to Bryant Park

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Remembering the dear and departed

July 8, 2012


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14 thoughts on “Bryant Park Ni Irasshaimase

  1. This is so wonderful! I’ve been to Bryant Park many times and this looks like such a lovely gathering, Margarita. Hope you had a wonderful time — your pictures certainly reflect that.

  2. Thanks for coming, for keeping a place for us to hang out between sets, and for pizza!! One great thing about Obon, is that you know without a doubt, that when it’s your turn, people will be dancing for you, too. Probably Lafcadio Hearn wrote the best description of the dancing.

    1. Thanks, Helen. I like the image of people dancing for me! Look forward to the festivities next year, now that we’ve got the pizza and water bottle refill thing down pat. Might even dance – I know N would like that!

      1. The dances are so easy that you don’t even have to remember them. I’m sure N would love it! There was a brother and sister from Saudi Arabia who did their best.

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