A Summer Salad

Produce courtesy of

Union Square Farmers Market

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I mix it all up with my hands because I think salad always tastes better that way!



15 thoughts on “A Summer Salad

  1. Um, YUM. Good grief, now I’m hungry. Gorgeous mouth-watering pics M., and we’ve been to this farmers’ market — is this Union Square Park? Delicious post/pics. :).

    1. It made me hungry when I posted it. Salad for lunch today! Yes, it’s the farmers market in Union Square Park…always beautiful and mouthwatering! 🙂 Thanks, Brigitte – loved your post, by the way! xoM

  2. I was at the Union Square Market on Monday! I bought tomatoes, peaches, escarole, and green beans.

    Your photo recipes are better than a lot of food blogs out there, Margarita. And prettier, too. 🙂

    1. Thanks, Madame! I do love food and have more cookbooks than any one human should have. And, yet, there’s nothing like a walk through the farmers’ market to inspire a delicious and creative meal!

      By the way, what did you create with your bounty?

      1. Well, the tomatoes are going to be for gazpacho, the escarole is going into a mix of escarole, white beans and pasta, the green beans were cooked with some garlic & olive oil, and the peaches are just for good old-fashioned eatin’! 😀

  3. I’m hungry! Something’s off because I’m not getting any updates for you. I thought you were on vacation, not that you can’t take your phone on vacation. 🙂
    My fog has lifted! Yay! Thanks for thinking of me.

    1. Ah, but on vacation I would no longer be serene in my city! And, when I’m serene in NYC, what the heck do I need a vacation from? So glad the fog has lifted! xoM

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