17 thoughts on “Wait…What???!!!

    1. No, Radio Hula, and Janu Cassidy, its owner, are long gone – Radio Hula closed long ago and Janu, who was one of my first hula teachers, is back in Hawai’i. One of the things I love about walking around the city are all the whacky things I see! 🙂

    1. It’s in Chelsea…and I AM a special NY twist! If I can get my hula sisters’ approval, I’ll post a link to our last performance about a month ago. We had a blast! ;D xoM

  1. Hi Margarita, I saw a comment that you wrote on Lori DiNardi’s blog and enjoyed what you said so much I came over to see what you are up to. I can totally relate to the wacked out compass theory. Looking forward to seeing how things continue to unfold. Happy to meet you. Beth

      1. I haven’t hula since I was twelve, sounds like fun. I was curious about the place though, that’s why I asked. I personally love massages. You have inspired me, next time I see a hula, I think I’ll go for it 🙂

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