Can You Thread This, Please?

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26 thoughts on “Can You Thread This, Please?

    1. Hey, Brigitte! I love this, too. Since I’m working on a sewing project for my daughter for the next couple of days, it seemed like a good way to start my blogging week! 🙂 xoxoM

    1. I don’t remember the clothespin in Philadelphia, and it’s been a long time since I was there. It seems to me there was also a bronze tailor at his sewing machine, right around where the giant needle is, but I haven’t seen him in a while. Maybe I got the location wrong…

      1. Oh! Yes! There is a tailor statue right near there, I can never remember the exact street, it’s on 7th and 39th, maybe? I passed it not long ago while I was walking to Penn Station.

        The clothespin in Philly is on either Market Street or Kennedy Boulevard, and 15th Street. I’m not sure if there’s any significance to it the way there is with the needle and button.

      2. Yes, right around there. I was in that neighborhood over the weekend, obviously, and I didn’t see the tailor…but then again, my daughter was claiming my attention 🙂

        I’ll ask my husband if there’s any significance to the clothespin. That man knows everything! xoM

      3. My sweet, know-it-all husband says that Market Street or Kennedy Blvd & 15th Street might be the old garment district in Philly… So maybe there’s more significance than we thought! 🙂

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