The Tailor

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7 thoughts on “The Tailor

    1. It IS a sad piece. He would have come to this country looking for a better chance, probably trying to earn enough money to bring his family over from the old country. Most likely, he worked very long hours, in sweat-shop conditions. You can see the fatigue in the curve of his back and the slump of his shoulders. The garment district, for all the jobs it provided, was a hell-hole! Isn’t it amazing the story a piece of sculpture can tell without uttering a single word? xoxoM

      1. Exactly. It’s extremely touching. I had the same thoughts going through my mind – the struggle these people went through to provide only the very very basics for their families. Inspiringly sad – probably grammatically incorrect but thats the only description I can think of ……its inspiringly sad. xx

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