I’m Thinking, I’m Thinking…!

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Chi, my Warrior Princess!


18 thoughts on “I’m Thinking, I’m Thinking…!

      1. I love that! And does she really go outside? even in NY?

        I ask b/c I was thinking the other day how NYC is full of dogs but you don’t see a lot of cats roaming around or even in windows or I didn’t.

      2. We also have a dog. Mickey is our fifteen-year-old Jack Russell Terrier. When I take him out for his walk, I leave the apartment door open – we live on the first floor and we have a clear view of the entrance to the building from our apartment. So Chi likes to sit by the door, or just inside the apartment if there’s a lot of traffic in the lobby, and waits for Mickey and me to return. When she sees us coming in the door, she comes out into the lobby and preens. If I leave the apartment door closed, we return to a rattling door!

      3. That is so cute. There is no pleasing cats. My cat woke me up at 1:30 this morning out yelling at another cat but she won’t come in and then at 6 she wants to be let in but not for long. Let me back out. Dogs are way easier 🙂

      4. That was right about the time I got the butt swipe from Chi so I’d pet her…but then she sits just out of reach! Mick is much easier: he goes into his little house when he sees I’m getting ready for bed, and stays there until he sees me back in the bathroom in the morning! lol Of course, he insists that I’m the one to walk him. Neither my husband nor my daughter are good enough for him. If they take him out, it doesn’t count!

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