21 thoughts on “The Bun’s Out Of The Oven…

  1. After the fast, my body is clear and I have no cravings when shown mouth watering photos of delicious perfect combinations of sweet and texture…..ugh. My new mantra?? 8)

      1. That’s interesting…I’ve been craving sandwiches, too. So just came back from the corner market with some nice ripe tomatoes and avocados…I think on a soft, egg bun with a little vegan mayo and a sprinkle of coarse salt…

      2. Thanks! I just polished off my tomato-Dijon mustard-and-mayo-on-egg-roll sandwich and it was delish! Saving the avocado for later…Let me know what you get. Food is always more fun when you share! xoxoM

      3. My immediate future involves an apple and peanut butter. That will give me the energy to go hunting…I’ll let you know if I find anything good 8)

      4. My invented sandwich: whole wheat mountain bread (oops gluten), Greek green olives chopped, tomato, avocado (there was one organic one left and it was ripe-meant to be), goat cheese (dairy but not cow). As I ate it with my lentil chips, I wondered, what has happened to me that this is my big cheat 8)

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