A Trip To The Museum…?

…no, it’s the subway!

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Glazed Ceramic Panels

Toby Buonagurio

Times Square Station


10 thoughts on “A Trip To The Museum…?

  1. I’m at that station all the time and I never paid attention to these. But some of the stations have such great artwork. I love the ones on 23rd Street on the 6 train, with the hats in the tilework all along the platform.

    1. Yes, I love that one, too! There’s wonderful art in the subways and I take it for granted because I see it all the time. Thought it was time to share and appreciate more! xoM

    1. I love the bronzes at the 14th St station. I have to say that the corridor between the E & the 6 at 51st Street is one I usually try to make in one breath, so I haven’t dallied with the mosaics…will give them a try next time! I have a great fondness for the glazed tiles at the W86 & B’way #1 station. Having lived in that neighborhood since before those tiles were installed, they capture a time in my life I’m rather fond of!

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