While We Were Waiting…

…for our tickets to Shakespeare In The Park, I took a little walk in Central Park in the vicinity of the Delacorte Theatre, and this is what I saw:

The stalwart souls who lined up waaayyyy before me!

The sun rising over the trees and shining through this fence in the Shakespeare Gardens…

…and reflecting back from Turtle Pond.

Belvedere Castle…

…and the peek at the Delacorte from Belvedere Castle. It’s hard to see because the set from Into The Woods blends in so well with its surrounding “woods”!

Did you know Belvedere Castle is a weather station?

The homage to Poland’s King Jagiello…

…Belvedere Castle with the towers of The Dakota peeking to the right, up above Turtle Pond.

And back where I started before darling daughter had a conniption that I’d be kicked off the line for not parking my butt!

15 thoughts on “While We Were Waiting…

    1. Yes, and this is just a small section that I walked through. Central Park is an AMAZING place. Most people are familiar with the southern end and middle of the park. The northern end…ahhh, that holds a whole other set of treasures! Will visit there soon and show you! xoxoM

    1. LOL! The interesting thing about Turtle Pond is that when they did the Great Lawn rehab back in 1995, they drained the pond and cleaned it out to rid it of the mucky algae problem. When I was there yesterday…yup, mucky algae problem! On the plus side, it makes for pretty pictures! 😉

    1. No, we went to see it Wed night – it’s a same-day deal. I’ve just been running around a lot so haven’t had time to write the post about the play–sometime later today, I think! 😉 xoM

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