Expressing Gratitude…

Just about a year ago, I started a couple of blogs with the intention of serving a particular community of students and practitioners.  After a while, my small still voice was nudging me to express outside those original parameters and soon, very much on the quiet, Serenity In The City started coming to life.  At first it was a private blog – I was the only on who had access to it.  Gradually, my small still voice became louder and more insistent on expression. That’s when I read one of Brigitte’s Monday Musings And Motivations which inspired me to dare go public. Thank you, Brigitte!

Soon, I was reveling in the beauty of the city where I live and sharing those moments of quiet inspiration that are always there for me, if I only remember to look.  People were following my blog.  “Wow!” I’d say to sweet husband and darling daughter, “Can you believe I’ve actually got five people following my blog?” It never occurred to me that people would actually be interested in return visits.  I was, and am, grateful for that!

Then my fellow bloggers began bestowing awards on me: The Sunshine Blog Award, One Lovely Blog Award, Beautiful Blogger Award, Very Inspiring Blogger Award, Moonlight Blogger Award, Reader Appreciation Award, The Super Sweet Blogger Award.  I was overcome, overwhelmed, struck dumb by the generosity and appreciation from the blogging community.  THANK YOU!

As my darling daughter will attest, I’m not a very good game player.  “Mommy, play with me!” was very often met with “We’ll play later,” or “Why don’t we read a book?” When she was older we would have Cranium night.  We’d invite our friends over for pizza and a rousing game, or two, of Cranium, and a good time would always be had by all! I realize that passing the awards along involves telling you a little something about myself, something about the awarder, and passing it along.  Well, consider me additionally revealed to you with this post, and consider all of you recognized with these awards.  Now, for the good part:  to acknowledge each of the generous bloggers who smiled upon me:

My first award, The Sunshine Blog Award, came from Abby Rae. That was embarrassingly long ago – I didn’t know how to proceed!  I’ve remembered since that  it’s never too late or inappropriate to say Thank You.  Go visit Abby Rae, she’s quite inspirational.  Dan Balva, who caught my attention with his wonderful posts about his experiences of  life in Spain, also was nice enough to give me this award. I encourage you to go read his stories, too!

Black Bear/White Bear whose gorgeous photographs of their travels, and food, are a joy to behold passed along the Beautiful Blogger Award to me. You should rush right over to feast your eyes, and titillate your palate!

Katie over at Real Woman’s Health has an eye, and ear, for the ridiculous similar to mine.  More importantly, she’s got a wealth of information and insights on how to take better care of ourselves.  She was nice enough to give me the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.  Go check her out! Because I’m a bit of a klutz, I haven’t been able to download that lovely icon…

Virginia from the Land of Oz, is a generous blogger – in more ways than one!  She’s been kind enough to give me the Moonlight Blogger and Reader Appreciation awards – thanks, Vee! – more importantly, she shares her WIP and uses her blog to inspire and encourage other writers.  You won’t be sorry you’ve visited her!

Jenni over at News Of The Times takes the most beautiful photographs, and you can often get in on an interesting discussion about a topic of current interest.  She’s on vacation in Europe right now – lucky girl! – but there’s still a lot of good stuff to see and read on her blog!

And if you’d like a shot of zany in your day, definitely go visit Lisa at Carr Party of Five. for a REALLY good time!

Terry gave me the Super Sweet Blogger award, and I’m so sorry I couldn’t get that icon up because it is totally luscious!  Check Terry’s writings…she is an amazingly versatile and inspiring woman!

In spite of being a staunch Republican, Maggie is totally hilarious and lovable.  You can’t go wrong taking a peek at her stuff!

Madame Weebles is taking a break just now.  It’s a great time to go over and check out her past work so you’ll be properly primed for her return!

And don’t forget to check in on my friend JM!  She’s a busy archaeologist, has a couple of fascinating WIPs, and we discovered our families hail from the same Old Country! A little time travel anyone? You’ll love her writing!

And if your tastes run to quirky, Sandee’s the gal for you! Be prepared to laugh your asses off!

I’m sure I’ve forgotten to include someone…and for that I apologize in advance! I’ll be updating the blogroll anon and I hope you’ll be inspired to visit all these wonderful, funny, irreverent, relevant, generous bloggers.  Thank you all, so very, very much, for sharing yourselves!

29 thoughts on “Expressing Gratitude…

  1. Congratulations Margarita! It’s nice to read how you were inspired by Brigitte’s musings. And thanks for the shout out! I do enjoy the way your blog captures the serene side of my hometown. Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Margarita, you’re the best. You’re warm, wonderful and have given me glimpses of not only your life, but parts of NYC that I’ve not seen and now want to! Many of these awesome-ness people I follow but you’ve mentioned others I must explore now. Thank you for recognizing me among all these wonderfully creative and talented people. xxooB

  3. Thank you for the lovely shout out, Margarita! It’s truly an honor for me to be included with a group of such wonderful bloggers. We are all going to miss Madame Weebles while she takes her break. But I know she’ll be even more amazing when she comes back. Until then, we can try to live up to her blogging standards. 🙂

  4. Margarita, you are very deserving of these awards 🙂 Even though I don’t know you in real life, whenever I read your comments and your blog posts I sense this lovely, sincere warmth about you 🙂 I’m so glad I ‘met’ you 🙂 Vxxx

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