Yeah, We’ve Got That…

…New York City Public Schools start this week.

Make sure you’ve got ALL your…tattoos and piercings?!

School lists sure have changed since I went to school!


14 thoughts on “Yeah, We’ve Got That…

  1. ~shudder~ I was in special progress classes and was supposed to be skipped, then in high school I was almost left back — I had emotional issues with the structure of school — I hated school. ~shudder~ I hope my young nephews take to it better than I did.

    1. I loved school; I adjusted well to that structure. My daughter, on the other hand, not so much. She graduated from City-As-School, in my opinion an excellent concept of education, and is now coming into her own with college. I told her a long time ago that she didn’t fail, the system failed her. She is starting to see the truth of that and wants to make a difference: she’s thinking of going into teaching! xoM

  2. This one might be the best one ever. What an odd and brilliant sign all in one.

    “You know, I’ve been wanting to get a tattoo. Now if I could just hold on till the kids go back to school, then it might be cheaperโ€ฆ” – bizarre.

    1. LOL! And to think we thought we were daring back in my high school days for letting girls wear pants suits, with the tops modestly covering curvy bottoms, to school! hahahahaha!

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