…finding Jeni’s splendid ice cream truck parked in front of Dean & Deluca on Madison Avenue and East 85th Street, getting on line, and then finding out that not only was Jeni on the truck…the ice cream was free!  I had the salty caramel…Yippeeee!!!


12 thoughts on “Serendipity…

    1. I’d never seen it either, and I was momentarily tempted but that salty caramel was singing its siren song to me. Jeni is from Columbus, Ohio,hence the map of OH on the chalkboard. Years ago, when I hijacked my mom’s car to drive from Cleveland to Columbus to visit my friends at Ohio State, it was nothing but farms around Columbus. Don’t know what it’s like now…xoM

    1. lol And I haven’t heard the end of it from sweet husband who’s miffed because I didn’t call him. Never mind he wouldn’t have made it on time…you snooze, you looze – or something like that! 😉 xxoM

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