Happy Ganesh Chathurti!

Lord Ganesh, the overcomer of obstacles.

Lord Ganesh, the elephant headed god, the overcomer of obstacles, a very sweet god.  As one of my friends said long ago: imagine how you would feel on your first day of kindergarten with a human body and an elephant head! I thought it might make me self-conscious and reticent. Lord Ganesh, on the other hand, is infinitely compassionate in his willingnes to help overcome obstacles.

Many years ago, I was standing outside Monet’s house in Giverny, trying to get my seven-year-old daughter and me to the train departing for Paris in 15 minutes.  The train station was more than a 15-minute walk away.  My daughter was tired from tramping about the gardens all morning.  There was not a taxi in sight.  I walked across the street, sat on the bench, and proceeded to ask for Lord Ganesh to help me catch that train.  As I sat there repeating the appropriate mantras, a taxi appeared at the bottom of the hill…and it was empty.  We made the train with minutes to spare!

Remembering Ganesh refreshes the memory of that lovely day with my daughter.  Happy birthday, Lord Ganesh!


15 thoughts on “Happy Ganesh Chathurti!

    1. Thanks! They’ve recreated the gardens of Giverny at the NY Botanical gardens, so we’re looking forward to visiting very soon – now that it’s cooler and before the exhibit goes away! ;

    1. Yes, we do have some great photos of my seven-year-old. Pre-digital, so they’re in a drawer. However, we plan to visit the Giverny exhibit at the NY Botanical Gardens soon…a reasonable facsimile, I hope! xoM

  1. When I was a boy I formed a boyscout group. It was a great time for my friends and I. We named our group Ganesha, taken from this Lord Ganesh. And I was so happy when I saw him on TV in Mahabharata serials.

    Thank you for sharing, hence allowing me to reminisce some part of my childhood. Many blessings and much love to you, Margarita. 🙂

    Subhan Zein

    1. Thank you for sharing your remembrances Subhan. I’m sure you and your group overcame many obstacles to earn your merit badges! As you can see, I have a very sweet, soft spot in my heart for Lord Ganesh! xoM

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