Riding The Bus…

…in Manhattan can be…

Fifth Avenue at 5 a.m.

…a breeze or…

Madison Avenue at 4 p.m.

…a bumper-to-bumper lurch.

Waiting for the M5 across from Macy’s

The scene while waiting for a bus is usually nice…

Alice Tully Hall 5:30 p.m.

…and the view while riding the bus is filled with great sights…

Broadway around 45th Street

…a superhero in Times Square…

Central Park South at Seventh Avenue

…a bride and groom strolling down Seventh Avenue…

Broadway around 137th Street

…you get a neighborhood’s vibe…

Riverside Drive Viaduct

…and breathtaking views.

Broadway from 148 Street

Best of all:  you get home!


15 thoughts on “Riding The Bus…

    1. No, these were different buses, different days. The M104 was one of them. The buses I’m more likely to take are the M4 and the M5. The nice thing about living where I do is that I have a plethora of buses and subway lines to choose from! 😉

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