Leading Up To…

…Discovering Columbus…

Columbus on his column June 2012

On a jaunt around Columbus Circle a few months ago, this is how Columbus looked perched atop his column.

The platform going up around Columbus’s column August 2012

Then, when I was there again a couple of months ago, I noticed some activity around the column. You can barely make out Columbus in the shadows.

By early September, I was aware of the art installation by Tatzu Nishi, so I checked in on the progress.

The living room enclosure as seen from the Tme Warner Center in early September 2012

I checked it out from inside the Time Warner Center…

Columbus Circle as seen from the north in early September 2012

…from the north side of the Circle…

Columbus Circle as seen from the east, early September 2012

…and from the east.

The installation opened to the public on September 20 and is open until November 18.  Although viewing is free, tickets are necessary. According to the signs, you can get tickets online from The Public Art Fund. I went into the Time Warner Center and got them…we’re going on October 14!

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