…on Bryant Park.

Corner of Sixth Avenue & 42nd Street


18 thoughts on “Reflecting…

  1. Hey Margarita! I didn’t have an email address for you so I thought I’d catch you in your comments. Here’s my email address:

    My reading is scheduled for 10/27, Saturday, at 10:30PM at the Indian Road Cafe. It’s across the way from Inwood Park. There will be a screening of Night of the Living Dead afterward. If you click on ‘Events’ then the date, you’ll see the details:

    I hope to see you there, but you can also consider my reading at the Nuyorican Poet’s Cafe, which might be regionally convenient — I haven’t set it up yet. Either way, it would be great to meet you. I just sent Mme. Weebles an invite by email. Talk to you later Margarita!

    1. This one was a happy accident, JM. I took the picture as I was whizzing by on the bus and didn’t see what I’d taken until I uploaded it on my computer! I’m with you: pictures of reflections are great fun! xoM

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