A Walk Through The Park

The sultry days of summer seem to be behind us, and, with the nip of autumn in the air, the pace picks up in New York City. Instead of taking the crosstown bus the other day, I took a walk across Central Park.

The Bubble Man was plying his craft of making ginormous bubbles at the East 86th Street entrance to the park, to the great delight of these boys who squealed with glee as they popped the bubbles as soon as they were formed!  Patience, however, does have its rewards:  I outwaited these little guys and got to see this exquisite creation…

I walked West on what used to be the bridle path surrounding the Reservoir.  Since Claremont Stables closed a few years ago, there is no more riding in Central Park. Now the path seems to be used as a jogging track by neighboring schools.  And it looks like some of the bridges have been restored!

Although fall isn’t even a week old yet, the changing foliage and fallen leaves are evidence that it is very much here!

Coming out of the park on the west side, the American Museum of Natural History…but that’s another story!

27 thoughts on “A Walk Through The Park

      1. I know it is. I have always thought so and love it every time I’m there but you really have a gift and a connection with the place. It tides me over until I’m back there again.

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