Hanging Out In Verdi Square

Recently, I was hanging out in Verdi Square, the intersection of Broadway and Amsterdam Avenue at 72nd Street. It was a nice day, I was waiting for my darling daughter, life is good…and I began noticing things…

I noticed the breeze gently ruffling through the leaves of the tree branches hanging over my head and the way the light of the afternoon sun reflected in the windows of that new building where Trader Joe’s is (note to self: Mickey needs food!). It was a bit muggy that day, so the breeze was a welcome respite.

I noticed how the older expressions of beauty through architecture on my right, undaunted by age and so different from the sleek glass and steel erection on my left, put me in mind of the phrase “enduring with Grace.” The frills and embellishments of an age gone by harmonizing with the clean minimalist lines of right now.

I noticed the new art display.  Gone is the apple and bird sculpture of last year, replaced by this shiny confection that reminds me of playing jacks as a little girl on the marble floors of our home in Caracas…somehow the wood floors in this country never worked as well and I stopped playing jacks a long, long time ago.

Ah, there’s my darling daughter…gotta go!

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