Sheila is a dear friend and gifted teacher of meditation. We can always use a five-minute respite…this is a great reminder!


There is a classic meditation practice in which we watch our thoughts with non-attachment, the way we’d watch waves on the ocean. Ripples come, ripples go. But what if a storm erupts, or unsettling thoughts rise to the surface, disturbing the calm sea of consciousness we’ve worked so hard to cultivate? If that disturbing thought is louder than all the others (and it usually is), then what do we do? Their are many answers, but generally one of two approaches, the “ignoring” vs.”non-ignoring,” are suggested:

1. Ignore or let go of the negative and focus on a positive distractor, like the breath or a beautiful image.

2. Don’t ignore what came up, but ask it what it wants to say. Be with it, feel it intensely for a moment. Send it love and acknowledgment. Mostly wait and listen until an organic shift or some insight arises.

Sometimes the first approach works…

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