We’re Baaack!

We loved our little trip to Ocean Grove, NJ.

The beach is gorgeous…

…the town is charming…

…the ice cream: divine!

Wait!  Is this the airport?

Ahhh…Home Sweet Home!

Click here to check out more of our time away!


6 thoughts on “We’re Baaack!

  1. Margarita, I looked through all your pics. They were beautiful! Did you stay on Bath Avenue? What a sweet and picturesque beach town. We will have to visit there — there are so many places to explore around here! Thanks for sharing this and welcome home!!

    1. Thanks, Brigitte. Yes, we stayed on Bath Avenue. It is a lovely town. I’ve only been there in off-season, when it’s been perfect for introspection and relaxation! And, as you know, it’s always nice to be home! xoxoM

    1. Yes, EVERYONE needs a kitchen magician! Bruce lives in Boston, so having the chance to be taken care of by him was an extra special treat! xoxoM

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