Giverny On The…Bronx River?

Monet’s Garden at the New York Botanical Garden has been on exhibition this summer.  Since a trip to the Bronx is much more doable than a trip to France right now, we went to the Bronx!

From our home, we can take the BX19 bus at its first stop, all the way to the Botanical Garden, its last stop.  What we didn’t know is that the trip this way is two hours! Fortunately for us, we had this cutie-patootie flirting with us across the aisle much of the way up so we mostly giggled the two hours away!

The exhibition is housed in the Enid Haupt Conservatory. This photo by Elizabeth Murray in the pool at the entrance of the Conservatory was a glimpse of the glories of Giverny.  The walk from the entrance of the Conservatory to the reproduction of the Japanese bridge is lined with flowers, clumped in brilliant colors and it’s easy to see Monet’s inspirations.  The Japanese bridge was a subject of many of Monet’s paintings.  As in France, the bridge appears to be draped in vines.

The water lily pools, planted with many varieties of water lilies, reflect the clouds above and the Haupt Conservatory.  They reminded me of Monet’s water lily paintings (duh!).  My point is this:  I always thought that he was painting an abstract of the plants and scenes themselves…now I think perhaps he was working from the reflections…I’m sure there are some scholars out there who know the answer.


22 thoughts on “Giverny On The…Bronx River?

  1. I didn’t know this was on. I haven’t been up there since I went to see the Christmas trains a few years ago. Time for another trip! How did it manage to take you 2 hours, though? Although with that sweet thing sitting across from you, I wouldn’t have minded the trip either!

    1. The exhibit ends Oct 21, just so you know. It took 2 hours because the bus stops at EVERY freaking stop between W 145/Broadway and the Botanical Garden! Or so it seems….thank goodness for that little one! xoxoM

    1. No, Valerie, you’re not being thick. The New York Botanical Garden is always glorious. Each year, however, they have several exhibitions when they move plants around – in pots – and group them in different ways, such as they did for the Giverny exhibit. They’ll be having the model train exhibit in the winter, an annual favorite for the holiday season, and they usually have an orchid exhibit, which I think is what the Giverny exhibit replaced this year. We only saw a tiny fraction of this beautiful spot in New York City! xoxoM

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