Ding! Dong! It’s Nature Calling!

When I descended from discovering Columbus, I really had to go! Packing a brunch, making sure

Mickey and

Chi were taken care of, getting everyone out of the house reasonably on time since we were meeting our friends and the tickets for the exhibition were timed, I forgot to take care of a little detail for myself. So when I got back down from Columbus’s lofty perch, I REALLY was in need of finding facilities fast!

I dispatched the youngsters to the Rubenstein Atrium with the brunch to find us a table, buddied up sweet husband and dear friend to walk over at a more sedate pace, and then rushed over to the Time Warner Center to find relief.  Should anyone need to know, the rest rooms are on the second floor.  The Ladies’ Room is in the south corridor, the Men’s Room is in the north corridor.

My urgent business taken care of, I strolled out and saw there was an art exhibit, so I went over to take a look.  The Darkness & Light: Art Inspired by Heroes & Villains, Hope & Heroism  was on the final day of its tour in New York City. If you click on the link, you’ll find out that the purpose of this exhibition is to raise awareness about the dire hunger situation in Africa, as well as to raise funds to help alleviate the suffering.

As you can see, the exhibition is inspired by the heroes and villains of DC Comics, and urges us to contemplate our own sense of responsibility, compassion, and activism in our own behalf, for we are all humanity and tolerating injustice in any form affects us all.

I liked the simultaneous grittiness and sleekness of the display, accentuating the juxtaposition between darkness and light, suffering and ease.  As a DC Comics fan in my childhood (they were .12¢ then and my brother and I would offer to turn in the milk bottles so we could keep the deposits and buy more comics!), I especially loved the Lego creations of

The Green Lantern,


and Catwoman.

If it hadn’t been for nature calling so insistently, I’d have missed this great adventure!

If you’re interested in learning more about the work of We Can Be Heroes, I suggest you do click on the link and visit the website.  If you’re able to, please support the cause.

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