Walking With Florence

Florence and I went walking in Hudson River Park.  She brought her fabulous camera, I brought my cell phone.

We went in at 12th Street and headed south.

The afternoon light reflecting off the Hudson River inspired us both to take LOTS of pictures!

We saw some rowers.  I’ll have to remind my darling daughter about this. She used to row when she was in high school and has been meaning to get back to it.  The Village Community Boathouse is down on Pier 40, by Houston Street, and it’s free!

The Erie Lackawanna train station across the river in Hoboken was clearly visible, and I tried to get a shot with an airplane coming in for a landing at nearby Newark Airport. Oh, well, there’s only so much a cell phone can “see.”

The “land” side of the park is also lovely.

I loved this cluster of daisies and fragrant lavenders.

And these grasses reminded me of Chi, our kitty, when she’s excited and gets all foufie-tailed, as we say at home.

Autumn’s brilliance is beginning to invade the trees

and some leaves have already surrendered their summer perches.

We even caught a peek at 1 WTC going up.

Of all the pictures I took,

this one is my favorite!

11 thoughts on “Walking With Florence

    1. Thanks! How are you doing? Not seeing you very often, so always delighted when I can drop in on your place and you come on over to mine! Keeping you in my thoughts…xoxoM

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