Freshly Laundered Central Park

I had to get from East 83rd Street to West 64th Street recently.  Not a large distance.  I could have taken a couple of buses, a bus and a subway, or just walk.  I opted for walk, even though it was raining, since it gave me a chance to spend time in Central Park, my favorite.

Autumn is definitely visible in the city streets.

The plantings in the treebeds reflect the fall foliage.  Some people are REALLY into the October state of mind! I noticed the  the Metropolitan Museum of Art is having an exhibit called Faking It, Manipulated Photography Before Photoshop (I guess I’ll have to take a look at that!), and there’s refurbishing going on at the south wing of the museum.  The fountain is empty and all those coins tossed in for luck are exposed to the rain.

I walked into the park at the 79th Street entrance, where the much loved statues of bears stand guard in front of the playground.  My darling daughter loved climbing on those when she was little! And a little way down the path, I heard the sweet sounds of a saxophone playing “My Way.”  A musician was standing inside an overpass and the amplification from the tunnel carried the sound halfway out of the park.

Belvedere Castle and Turtle Pond are clad in rust-toned finery…it seems the grass didn’t get the memo on the color of the day! Romeo and Juliet are as passionate as ever in front of the Delacorte Theatre, ah, youth! There was a squirrel playing along the railing of the Swedish Cottage’s balcony but he was too fast for my cell phone to capture.

The Lake over by 75th Street was quite placid in the drizzle.  There was a little picnic going on at one of the lakeside pavillions, and this handsome couple was enjoying a leisurely swim.  It looks like they expect to install miles of storm fences in the park and I hope that doesn’t mean we’re in for a snowy winter.  I always think snow is such a waste in the city and do my best to persuade Mother Nature to send our share over to the ski slopes where it’s much more appreciated!

Coming upon 72nd Street, I was going to take a quick hop over to the Imagine memorial in Strawberry field.  Even in the rain, people were lined up to have their picture taken…never mind. The Dakotas across the street on Central Park West made me smile.  There was a time when 72nd Street was considered such an outpost, it may as well have been the Dakotas.  Hah!

I exited the park at West 69th Street with just enough time to get to my destination timely, a little damp around the edges and refreshed by my midday jaunt!

25 thoughts on “Freshly Laundered Central Park

  1. You have a great eye, Margarita. I think my favorite of these photos is actually the one of all the umbrellas in front of the Met. I like all the colors together like that. And it’s impossible to take a bad photo of Central Park, but yours look even better than most people’s.

    1. Thanks, Madame. I don’t usually photograph people, but umbrellas? Fair game! I think that loving one’s subject has a little something to do with the nice shots. I’ve made lots of wonderful memories in Central Park over the years…that’s probably what comes through. xoM

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