What Would Fred Astaire Do?

Recently, I was walking up West 29th Street.  I frequently walk on W. 29th, but this was the first time I noticed that The Art Directors Club is located there.  What caught my attention was this:

Having learned to type on one of these babies, albeit a much more user-friendly sized one, the sight of a typewriter, just a plain, old, GIANT typewriter, immediately brought a smile to my lips!

The keys were humongous.  Far too large for mortal fingers and remembering how powerful my own fingers had to be to push the keys all those decades ago, I wondered what it would take to type on this behemoth.

As I walked around this magnificent specimen, I was reminded of…Fred Astaire!  As brilliant as he was with his  dancing partners, I always thought Fred Astaire was at his best when dancing solo.  Who can forget Astaire dancing on the hotel room walls in Royal Wedding? I love the sound of his taps!

Immersed in the memory of all the happy hours watching Astaire’s movies, and this giant tapping instrument before me, I wondered:  what would Fred Astaire do?

14 thoughts on “What Would Fred Astaire Do?

  1. Margarita, I love the sound of a typewriter. I saw a program on CBS Sunday morning once about people (of even this generation) collect vintage typewriters! There’s something satisfying about typing and pulling out the white-out when you make a mistake. I think Fred would tap right along with it. Sheesh — you could take this idea to Broadway. ;).

    1. Wite-out, now THERE was an innovation. Certainly beat the heck out of erasing 5 carbon copies without making holes in them! There really was something satisfying in being able to lean over the typewriter and read the actual words one had typed. And the skill required to line the paper back up exactly once it had been pulled out so you could make corrections you’d missed…I wax nostalgic! Thanks, Brig – I might have gotten this idea ON Broadway while walking Mickey! lol xoxoM

  2. I don’t have a photo of it, but the giant eraser in the Smithsonian’s sculpture garden would be the perfect piece to display next to it!

    For those who don’t remember them, it’s a large, flat, circular eraser that rotates on one end with a brush to wipe away the erased “crumbs” on the other. 😉

    1. I remember those! You’re right, it would be a great companion piece. I liked the “pencil” erasers with the brush at the other end, it had more control when erasing carbon copies. 😉

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