19 thoughts on “Yo! Could I Maybe Interest You In A Bridge?

  1. I never get tired of looking at the Brooklyn Bridge. And even the Manhattan and Williamsburg Bridges–when the subways cross them at night, they look like giant lighted caterpillars crawling through the bridges.

    1. Yeah, the Williamsburg is not so clear from this angle…I’ll have to work on that. I love the bridges at night, too. In my neck of the island, the GW looks like a sparkling diamond necklace across the Hudson!

  2. Beautiful! I love that you managed to take such clear photos on such a grey day. And what beautiful subjects! My sister and I walk over these bridges to get to Manhattan all the time. The Brooklyn Bridge, especially, is gorgeous.

    1. I’m finding that clear pictures can be taken in any light – and sometimes the clearest come on the cloudiest days. Go figure! I’m going to have to get N to walk across the bridges with me soon. It’s something she enjoys, too. I’m thinking going from Manhattan across the Brooklyn Bridge and coming back on the Manhattan for a quick Chinatown snack. You and K game? xoM

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