The Four Freedoms

On October 24, 2012, the FDR Four Freedoms Park on Roosevelt Island opened to the public.  Sweet husband and I have a great deal of respect and admiration for the 32nd President of the United States. A man who came from a priviledged environment yet clearly understood the needs of those less priviledged.  A man who endured personal challenges discreetly and with grace.  A man whose actions spoke, and continue to speak, louder than his words.

The Four Freedoms Park is located on the southern tip of Roosevelt Island, a long strip of land in the East River between Manhattan and Queens.  It specifically celebrates the four freedoms FDR articulated in his State of the Union Address in 1941:

Freedom of speech…

Freedom of worship…

Freedom from want…

Freedom from fear…

…important concepts to contemplate as we consider who is best qualified to lead us in the next four years…

10 thoughts on “The Four Freedoms

    1. How did I miss your post, Brigitte? Yes, it is very spare, peaceful, and beautiful. It was misty yesterday when we went so it felt muted and appropriate for introspection. We’re looking forward to going again on a sunny day. Lots of stuff to see on Roosevelt Island, much of it thought provoking…xoM

  1. I saw a special on this on the Sunday Morning early show on CBS with the son of the architect speaking to the design and how the aesthetic was meant to match the strikingly simple, but meaningful words of FDR. It’s amazing how much work still needs to be done in order to meet these four pillars. It’s something we should always strive for and I’m glad the architect was able to capture that in this amazing design and also that his son was able to resurrect the project when it seemed like it may never come to fruition. Awesome post and pictures, thanks for sharing.

    1. I missed that special on Sunday Morning, thank you for mentioning it. I’ve always held that simple and easy are not synonyms, so while the four freedoms are eloquent in their simplicity, they’ve not been at all easy to implement…and we continue striving to do so, each and every one of us makes a daily contribution in whatever way we can. I feel the tide is turning and we’re beginning to have critical mass on our side…we’ll see.

      Roosevelt Island has a very interesting history of perseverance, and the trajectory into existence of this memorial is an excellent example of that. It is far from finished since there is also an FDR Hope Memorial planned, honoring those who persist in the face of physical challenges. Both the Four Freedoms Park and the FDR Hope Memorial are fitting tributes to an accomplished President.

      It is clear from the simplicity and clarity of his design that Louis I. Kahn, the architect of this beautiful tribute, had a profound understanding of FDR’s contributions to humanity.

      I always enjoy your writing and thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts! xoM

  2. Roosevelt Island is such an interesting place, with the weird apartment building architecture, the crumbling ruins, and then the parks and now monuments like this. Great photos, Margarita, thank you so much for sharing them!

  3. This was a wonderful post, especially at this time of year. I wish more people could understand Roosevelt’s four freedoms and practice them in everyday life.

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