On Broadway

Usually, when one thinks of Broadway, the first things that come to mind are the theaters, the lights, the crowds, Times Square, the ball dropping on New Year’s Eve.  That’s not the Broadway I live on.

About a hundred blocks north of the hubbub, is a Broadway that’s a neighborhood.  A place for people to sit and watch the world drive by.  A place to catch up with your friends while enjoying a friendly game of checkers or dominos.  A street lined with mom-and-pop stores hanging in by their fingernails as chain stores start to filter in with the new era of development and gentrification sweeping up this way.

Meanwhile, Mother Nature dons her autumn finery, right here on Broadway.  The trees on the Broadway Malls are turning gleaming yellow and then fiery red.  The streets off Broadway are staging their own color spectaculars.  The colors in New England must be glorious this time of year.  Lucky for me, I can just walk out my front door and enjoy the spectacle…on Broadway!

15 thoughts on “On Broadway

      1. Actually I also prefer spring, but in Southern California, you pretty much only get warm, hot, or more hot. Seasons left some time ago. One of the things I miss most from the UK was walking to work on a frosty spring morning when the sun was out, and the signs of things beginning to grow again.

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