Halloween, NYC Style!

Growing up, Halloween was always my darling daughter’s favorite time of year.  Now that she’s all grown up…it’s STILL her favorite time of year! As a young mother with a small child, single and living in the city, I was frequently asked: “How can you raise a child in the city?” To which I always respond, then and now: “How can you NOT?” So, for the next few days: a glimpse of Halloween, NYC style!

I had a chance to walk through Central Park again the other day – NEVER get tired of that! – and, mindful of the coming storm predictions, I thought I’d better get some photos of the changing colors pre-Sandy.  I took a quick turn by the model yacht pond over by East 75th Street.  We’ve always called it the model yacht pond but, apparently, its formal name is Conservatory Water.  La-di-da! As always when walking through Central Park in recent years, I am mildly surprised by the hordes of people in this southern part of the park.  I can remember walking from West 86th Street to East 65th Street, pushing a stroller and seeing only park rangers and squirrels, with the occasional other stroller-pusher, like me, out for some air. Now, it may as well be Grand Central Station!

As I cut across to the West Side, I saw evidence of Halloween festivities.  There was a trial run of the haunted space chase on Bethesda Terrace.  They were trying it out before the real thing on Saturday, October 27.  “I wanna do that!” cried my darling daughter when she saw these pictures! And a little further up the road, on Cherry Hill, there was a whole pumpkin patch.  Who says you have to go out to the suburbs for pumpkins and straw?  I’m not sure how this activity is being managed.   I AM sure that these pumpkins are free for the taking!

Walked through Strawberry Fields on my way out of the park.  Maybe I could get a picture of the Imagine mosaic?  Nope.  People waiting in crappy weather to pose in the middle of the mosaic, knee-deep.  Oh well, perhaps another day…

16 thoughts on “Halloween, NYC Style!

      1. No hurry, darling. As I told my sweet husband, I wasn’t looking to him to make me happy, since I’d already figured out how to do that for myself. I just wanted someone to share that with…so far, so good! So, just be happy, every day, in whatever way you can. The rest, all icing on the cake. And who doesn’t like icing?! xoxom

  1. It’s not easy bringing up a child ,let alone single handed. Beautiful photo’s and I am sure your Daughter is so proud of you, the way you are of her. Stay safe, we are thinking of everyone. xxoxx

  2. I hope Sandy won’t do any damage to those Halloween sights! Stay safe and dry! The outer rain band is inching its way toward us. Tomorrow and Tuesday will be our worst days. Fingers crossed we don’t lose power!

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