Sandy Is Coming…

…many of us spent Sunday preparing for the arrival of Hurricane Sandy.  Here in Hamilton Heights, we miss Mayor Bloomberg’s evacuation areas by several blocks.  We stocked up on food that requires no cooking, just in case – Swiss Rolls and Doritos: YUM!  Sweet husband was just nutty enough to take a walk down to Riverbank Park with me, to take one more look before Sandy blows its autumn finery away.

Late Sunday afternoon, the air was chill, the wind picking up, the skies overcast and not particularly ominous.  The fallen leaves crunched under our feet as we made our way down into the park.  A few boys were still playing on the basketball court, but the ball fields seemed kind of lonely.  I walked to the banks of the Hudson River and, much to my surprise, found dozens of geese and ducks swimming up and down the river.  I’ve never seen so many birds swimming in the Hudson all at once! And there were barges making their way upriver, too.  My sweet husband said they were coming in to shallower waters for protection.  It seemed odd to see these barges line up from the George Washington Bridge and below.

It’s Sunday evening.  We have a comfy home. We have electricity.  We have food.  Mickey has been walked. Chi is snuggled next to me. Everyone is home. It’s not raining yet and the wind seems to have died down. It’s eerily quiet. Whatever comes, we’re good!

27 thoughts on “Sandy Is Coming…

      1. Yeah, we’re just outside of Zone C, so we’re good. Luckily, most people I know seem to be outside the zone. I’m not expecting this to be a big deal, but it’s always a bit nervous-making nevertheless!

      2. It’s much more the anticipation than the actual event in our neck of the woods. I hope that’s true for others in Sandy’s path as well! xoM

    1. Thank you, Valerie. I’m fascinated that the ducks and geese, while upriver like the barges, also like the barges chose to remain in the water instead of coming onto land. I don’t know much about these beautiful creatures, but I do know that they have their inner wisdom to follow! xoM

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