Sandy: No Bus? No Train? No Problem!

So, as the world’s probably heard, because of the approaching Hurricane Sandy, public transportation stopped running in New York City on Sunday at 7 p.m.  This morning when I woke up, I remembered that we’d forgotten to pick up sweet husband’s prescriptions!  I called the pharmacy at 9 a.m. and they informed me they were open until 1 p.m.  The pharmacy is down on 113 Street, and we live on 148 Street.  So, I prepared for a trek.

What to wear in wet weather?  In my opinion, as little as you can get away with.  I hate tramping around in wet shoes and pants, so it was shorts and sandals for me.  Took sweet husband’s rain jacket, tucked wallet and cell phone into my pockets, and I was off!

It was windy, not horribly so, and it hadn’t started to rain. On the way there, I walked along Broadway so I noticed the branch that had cracked off its tree earlier.  The subway is elevated part of the way, so it was kind of fun to take pictures of the underside of the tracks.  Columbia University’s campus was open. That was a stroke of luck since by the time I got there I had to find a ladies’ room! That bit of business successfully concluded, I proceeded to get the meds.

Walking back uptown, I noticed there were a lot of empty yellow cabs. Funny, when I want one, I can’t get one; when I’m good without one, they seem to come from every street!

When I got to 125th Street, I decided to detour by the river.  There was a young father out with his sons, one in the stroller he was pushing, the other on his little foot-propelled scooter, having fun out in the wind.  Over by West Harlem Piers Park, it seemed everyone was out taking pictures.  Since yesterday afternoon, the river had risen dramatically and all the shoppers coming out Fairway Supermarket were pausing to capture the scene on their cell phones.  I was in good company!

Back by Riverbank State Park, I thought I’d check to see if all the geese and ducks were still out there.  They were.  A lot of them had moved onto land, and the ball parks were not as lonely as yesterday.  There were still quite a few of them out on the Hudson River.  The rocks I’m used to seeing on the banks of the river at this point were mostly submerged.  That would be a seven to eight-foot rise in the river.  Ducks were still paddling away in the water, and it seemed there were more barges moored in the river.

Back home, with plenty of food, water, electricity and internet still running, I’m staying put for a while.  That was a bit of a hike, and my sweet husband is certainly worth the effort! Hope everyone has a safe place to be until Sandy’s bluster dies down!


36 thoughts on “Sandy: No Bus? No Train? No Problem!

    1. It’s getting colder, Maggie, but not winter-cold at this point. I’m hearing the rain pelting the windows, and Mickey thinks he wants to go out – until I take him and then he looks at me as if to say “What’s wrong with you?” All is good, dear friend! xoxoM

  1. Now stay put! 🙂 We still have power, but I don’t know if it will last. I’m watching the outages spread and increase in number on the power company’s website. At least we got a well-cooked dinner in tonight Hopefully the same tomorrow. 🙂

    1. Thanks, Annie. Mickey just dragged me outside, and then looked askance at me! Anyway, I’m happy to say that the temperature is still mild, the rain still gentle, and the winds are getting stronger! xoM

  2. You are my kinda gal. I only dress in shorts and flips in the rain unless it is really cold also. I have been thinking about you all day (several others also) Something told me you would be the Brave One and show us pics we won’t find on the Box:) Please Take Care! it looks kinda ugly at 5:30 pm alabama time monday. Bless you for taking care of your Sweetness.Stay put stay dry and wrap up things in baggies if needed. Stay in touch as much as you can,Sending Happy Dry thoughts to you and yours, in fact the whole east coast is in my thoughts right now.( sorry to babble doing it out of concern with love…:)

    1. Thanks, Mary. The wind is howling out there and sounds worse than it actually is. Mickey, our dog, just took me outside and the temperature is still quite mild, the rain still gentle. I’m sure Sandy is still building to her crescendo in our neck of the woods! We’re on high ground, in the back of a sturdy building, there are no exposed electrical wires in Manhattan, they’re all underground. So my family and I are as safe as we can be in the storm. Thank you for your concern, not just for me, personally, but for all of us. With all the good thoughts, vibes, and prayers from all over the globe, I’m sure we’re in good hands! xoxoM

  3. okay, just don’t be like those wise ass Channel 1 guys out in the midst of the waves at Coney island saying it’s a little windy…love it. Sheila

  4. Thank you for taking us on your walk – fancv thinking of us all in the middle of your huge challenge. Hope you actually enjoy all being tucked ip together safe and dry, and the storm passes by fairly un-eventlfully

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