What Happened To The Yellow Tree?

As you’ll know if you’ve read this post, autumn is garbing Manhattan in her finery.  During this time, I became particularly fond of this tree:


Bright green and frolicking in the heat all summer, now, while all the trees are busy donning their russet wardrobe, this little one decided to go a sassy yellow.  It’s little leaves trembled in the fall breezes and the yellows and pale greens seemed to twinkle defiantly as the days began to grow shorter and cooler.  I was inspired to flex my burgeoning artistic muscles with this rendition of the whole tree (nah, doesn’t do it justice), and this one of just a branch (better, and Mother Nature’s original soooo much better!).

Hurricane Sandy is heading this way, so the winds have been picking up for the past day or so. I went out yesterday to take pictures of the leaves before they all fly away and there was my little, yellow tree.  A few stalwart leaves clinging to its tensile branches.  And the rest?  In the curb, by the fence, in the tree bed…Stay strong little tree.  You’re beautiful, leaves or not!


10 thoughts on “What Happened To The Yellow Tree?

    1. I think she is a locust tree. And, yes, she’ll have a lovely spring outfit to wear…I just hoped she’d get a chance to show off her autumn colors a little longer! 😉

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