Here we go, people, more support for a great cause!

Weird Woman Lives Past 40

I’ll help keep yer stache all good.  I know you all have wanted a porn stache.  Let’s do it right.  The kids’ dad went for a colonoscopy today.  He even made dinner for all of us last night and he couldn’t eat any of it.  Chicken with Alfredo sauce.  Home.  Made.  He was always a better cook than I.  We haven’t eaten together as a family in YEARS.  It was cool.  He’s a good guy.

So I saw this Movember badge on lots of Bloggers’ sites, thanks to Le Clown!!!

I am a hairstylist and will donate ten bucks for each moustache trim I do.  I might even get some whiskey and have a Whiskers and Whiskeyevent.  Hells yeah.  Looking for donations for whiskey – we have some distillery’s here in Denver and I’ve been hounding a couple of them.  I’ll get on that!!

Any suggestions will help.


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