A Tardy Party? No Such Thing!

Hurricane Sandy put a little damper on the Halloween festivities in our neighborhood this year.  While stalwart trick-or-treaters did come out on Halloween to show off their costumes and collect their booty, our fledgling little community garden opted for delaying the festivities until Saturday.

It was a very windy day which made putting up the “cobwebs” a little bit of a challenge.  Since the garden terrain is very uneven and the lighting non-existent, we planned to have the activities happen around the garden gate. So that’s where we focused our decorations.

The leader of our group made a magnificent Mummy! And while some of the 7- and 8-year-old guests were blasé about donning their costumes anew, once the funny noses came out all bets were off!

We’ve only just started organizing this community this year and Halloween was our first event. In spite of the wind and cold, they came early, stayed late, and had a blast!

A tardy party?  Nope.  Just a party!


12 thoughts on “A Tardy Party? No Such Thing!

    1. I agree. The interesting thing about this little party is that many of the attendees came several blocks to be there. Most notably missing were the majority of the people who live in the immediate vicinity of the garden. Kind of shows us community is not where we expect it to be! xoM

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