So Sorry, M. Le Clown…

…I understand you have the ™ on Magnificent™ and its derivatives (See? In your honor, I figured out how to use the ™ in this post!). I hope in your Magnificence™, you can be magnanimous with your forgiveness for the infraction.

In the New York City area, for about the past two weeks, we have been experiencing the magnificence (non-™, ©, or ®) of Mother Nature in all her furious glory as expressed through Hurricane Sandy and the recent Nor’easter.  Not so good.  I think only the Canada geese who took up residence in Riverbank State Park during Sandy seemed placid. A Canadian trait, perhaps?

Yesterday, I caught a glimpse of the magnificence of Mother Nature in all her glorious finery.  I first noticed a pale blue sky, tinged with delicate pink and gold with the streaking of clouds over the Watchung Mountains (yeah, I’ve never figured out why they’re called “mountains”) in New Jersey framing the skyscrapers of the Lincoln Center area in Manhattan.  As the minutes passed, the colors intensified, like a grand symphony building toward to a crescendo. The colors amplified to brilliant lavenders, deep violets and blues, highlighted with rich golds.  Mother Nature at her most beautiful, Divine, and, yes, magnificent.

After the suffering and horrors faced by the brave people of our region over the past weeks, I thought sharing a little of Nature’s Beauty™ was in order.


26 thoughts on “So Sorry, M. Le Clown…

  1. Margarita™ ,
    Thank you™. This post is something I needed this morning. Looking forward to being in New York™ again, which-let it be known- is my fave city in the world.
    Le Clown™

    1. Cher, M. Le Clown,
      We New Yorkers humbly (or not so much) believe our city to be the center of the Universe. Having said that, my darling daughter and I did have the opportunity to fall in love with Montreal some years ago, a fine setting for your Magnificence.

      I’m happy, and relieved, that far from fanning Le Clown’s ire, it would seem the post has touched L’Eric’s heart. Thank you, my friends – both of you!

  2. Very funny post and so nice to see mother natures beauty after all the horrors you have been going through. Glad you answered the “mountain” bit, as, when I first saw the photo, I was utterly confused. At least I now know I’m not the only one.

    1. The colors at sunset this whole year have been miraculous. Probably due to pollution and global warming. Even so, when I catch a glimpse of such beauty, it’s a soothing balm to my spirit! So glad you enjoyed them, dear Madame! xoxoM

  3. Lovely photos, and I hope Mother Nature has had enough of showing her fury for a while. The healing process can move more quickly when the skies are like we see in your photos.

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