And Cut! It’s A Wrap?

I was on the Upper East Side recently, loitering as usual, thinking about what pictures I could take for the upteenth time that would help me make a post, when I noticed there was a film shoot going on at the Lexington Luncheonette across the street.  Over the years, this old-fashioned soda shop has been the venue for a number of film shoots. It’s rumored Bruce Springsteen likes to stop in for a bite.  Could be.  Truthfully, I wouldn’t recognize Bruce Springsteen if I tripped over him.  James Garner?  Now you’re talking!

Anyway, when I saw the activity across the street, I whipped out my cell phone and started taking pictures while I crossed Lexington Avenue.  There was a police officer standing on my corner and I must have looked like a real desperate character because as soon as the picture-taking began I noticed I had a shadow.  I wondered who was shooting what.  Once, years ago, I (literally) ran into Warren Beatty while he was working.  I didn’t recognize anyone this go around and, as I’ve mentioned, that means nothing! I wanted to ask what was going on but felt very uncomfortable asking questions with a cop shadowing me.  Yeah, I can be a real woos (did I spell that right?).

A little querying on the Google machine uncovered that Woody Allen was filming his new movie, “Fading Gigolo”, at the Luncheonette when I was there. I might have recognized Woody Allen…I might also have tripped over him!


17 thoughts on “And Cut! It’s A Wrap?

    1. Beats the heck out of me, JM! I’m really pretty inoquous-looking, and taking out a cell-phone to take pictures, even in this paranoid day and age, can’t possibly present that much of a threat. I must have been emitting some vibe he didn’t recognize! xoM

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