Movember update! A shout out to raise awareness on men’s health issues. Men’s health affects men and all those who love them…that means it affects all of us! xoM

Doggy's Style

Regular readers, passers-by, blogless people, behold the grandiosity of your actions:

In 2 days we have DOUBLED the amount of comments made on: Your 2 cents, let’s make them 50 for Movember!

If you, yeah I’m talking you, no no, don’t look around, I mean you that stumbled upon this blog for the first time in your life, what about leaving a comment, won’t hurt you a bit, but remember, you don’t have to comment on this post but on the one mentioned above. By doing so you’ll be not only making me go homeless but also helping a good cause, the Movember movement.
Don’t know what is Movember about?
Well MissFourEyes gives you a nice explanation to which you can relate on this post: For the love of your healthy prostate however, I still think we men are invincible, but changing diapers is like kryptonite, that sh*t is only for…

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