Reconciling With Autumn

On the morning of her fifth birthday, my darling daughter cried.  Sobbed.  Devastated.  Inconsolable.  The reason?  She was one year closer to dying. Yup, at five years old, mortality was staring her in the face! The only way we finally made it through the day was to promise her I’d take good care of myself so I can stick around until I’m a hundred.  So far, so good!

In spite of its flaming beauty, Autumn has always been my least favorite season.  It reminds me the end is near:  the end of Summer fun; the end of being able to go out without bundling up; the end of this cycle of life.  I’ve always loved Spring with its promise of life and dreaded Fall as a harbinger of…endings.

This year, through the lens of a camera, I’ve finally made peace with the passing of the seasons. As I immerse myself in the beauty of Autumn’s brilliant colors, I remember to take joy in the present moment, for that is all I have for certain.  I take it…gratefully…


12 thoughts on “Reconciling With Autumn

  1. Wonderful pictures. I can see how looking through the lens keeps you in the present and appreciating it. Something that can be hard to do, apparently, even for the very young. 8)

    1. Hahaha! Yes! As I read your comment, I realized that my sweet kid has always been a kind of camera lens for me, keeping me focused on the present moment. Thanks, Katie! xoxoM

    1. Thanks, Leo. No, that’s my daughter. The year she turned five, we were at an ashram in upstate NY. Her birthday’s in January, so it was cold and snowy, and we were contemplating Life…apparently, she didn’t stop at Life and followed it to its logical conclusion. I’ve always been amazed by what goes on in her head – even now that she’s 25! lol xoxoM

  2. I like Autumn, it feels like the lead into what you call over here “the holiday season”. II prefer Spring, but Autumn does have some nice colour to it as your photos show.

  3. I’ve always enjoyed autumn, but always with the accompaniment of a touch of melancholy. But as you say, all we can be sure of is today. We can’t lead our lives worrying about the end if we want to stay sane. 😉

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