Peek-A-Boo! I, Finally, See You!!!

10-07-12 dawn 004On my recent trip to Ocean Grove, NJ, I was up before the crack of dawn every morning, bundling up and tiptoeing down the stairs of the cozy Victorian house where we were staying, cell-phone in hand, heading to the beach.  10-07-12 dawn 009As soon as I reached the sand dunes, I kicked my shoes off and walked to the edge of the water, keeping a close watch, waiting for the Sun to make its first appearance of the day.  As soon as I saw that orange ball peek over the horizon, the picture-snapping would start.  10-07-12 dawn 015Fifty, sixty, one hundred snapshots a session, always seeking to capture with my camera the simultaneously serenely cool and riotously hot orange orb I saw rising up from the ocean. Morning after morning, the orange orb behind the brilliant flare eluded me.  All I got was this…10-07-12 dawn 072and this…10-08-12 dawn 056and this…10-06-12 dawn 163

While walking down Fifth Avenue yesterday, I thought I’d take a shot of the Flatiron Building.  Flatiron Beacon 006The sun was in my eyes and I had no idea what I was photographing.  I just pointed and shot, like I always do.

This afternoon, I was looking over the dozens of photographs I took yesterday.  Flatiron Beacon 003The ones of the Flatiron Building make it look a little bit like a beacon with the brilliant globe that is the sun shining above it.  And then I saw it.  There. Hiding behind the blinding brilliance: Here Come The Sunthe orange orb of the Sun!

6 thoughts on “Peek-A-Boo! I, Finally, See You!!!

    1. Thank you! It was like a siren call to me, every morning. I’d wake up and try snuggling back into the warm bed and I’d hear the dawning day calling, telling me to come watch the light show…so I did! xoxoM

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