Heliport Action

South Street Piers 001The New York Water Taxi was leaving its berth just as I was walking down the plank toward it.  For all you people who might want to take the Water Taxi to Ikea be warned:  they leave right on time! So there I was, out on the pier with 40 minutes to fill – yup, it’s 40 minutes between rides.  South Street Piers 004Although South Street Seaport is just one pier over, I didn’t want to go over there.  Knowing myself as well as I do, I knew I’d get distracted by something interesting and, before I knew it, I’d be missing the 2:40 taxi!  I could go inside out of the wind, but the waiting room – although open – is still being cleaned up from Sandy’s wrath. Not appealing.

Heliport Action 84Then I noticed a drone and looked up to see a helicopter coming in for a landing.  Heliport Action 001Oh, the South Street Heliport is just one pier over the other way!  I’ve always liked flying machines. Heliport Action 049 When I was in college, eons ago, Heliport Action 050I used to hang out at the airport runway with my boyfriend, Heliport Action 051watching the airplanes take off and land.  Heliport Action 052With pleasant memories of another life fluttering in my mind, Heliport Action 053I settled to watch the action at the heliport.

Heliport Action 054The sun was right overhead and flaunting its brilliance in my eyes, so I resorted to my trusty point-and-shoot-in-the-general-direction methodology. Heliport Action 027 I tried to listen for the “click” of the shutter as a signal that a picture had been taken, but with the noise of the rotor blades cutting the air, it was hard to hear anything else.  Heliport Action 028Once more, I had to wait until I got home and uploaded the pictures onto my computer to see what I got. Heliport Action 029If nothing else, I’m certainly having a lot of practice with patience!

16 thoughts on “Heliport Action

  1. Same thing happened to me when I tried to take pictures of our cows on Eid. The Sun was in my eyes but I still took the pictures. Luckily, I got great shots. Either my dad’s phone has a great camera, or I’m a great photographer. 😀

      1. Well, perhaps if it weren’t common knowledge that my cell phone is my “go-to” camera . I did get a “real” camera recently, but the batteries run down on it rather fast, so cell phone still wins! lol 😉 xoM

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