Dear WordPress,


I have been blogging regularly, inserting photographs in my posts where I see fit for about six months now.  Today, I’m writing a post and apparently I can no longer insert my content where, or as, I see fit.

I noticed a change in format last week.  I thought I was just making the wrong selection in settings since nothing was as I had left it.  Then I realized I was not crazy, a change had, indeed, been foisted upon me with no warning.  Today, however, I can’t even place the photos within my post, where I choose.

This is no way to foster a relationship.  You have my e-mail address.  If you were thinking of making changes, you might have let me know.  Communication is a beautiful thing when it happens.  Communication is what blogging is about.  Communication is what didn’t happen between you, WordPress, and me.

I’m bewildered and angry. I feel you’ve, quite literally, pulled the blogging platform from under me.  I understand that I’m not your main or only squeeze.  I understand you have a billion relationships to handle.  And I totally understand that what I have to say may be meaningless to you.  We’re all entitled to our opinions.  But then you shouldn’t have wooed me with promises of a place to express myself. I bought into your come hither spiel and came to share what I see and think and then, once you had me in your clutches, you change the rules without so much as a “By the way.” Bait and switch may be a time-tested and honored technique for reeling in the rubes.  It’s still ugly.

Not nice, WordPress.  Clumsy. I feel used and abused.  And all this could have been avoided with an e-mail that said, “Oh, by the way, we’re changing the rules.”




41 thoughts on “Dear WordPress,

    1. Thanks, Helen. The only thing that I feel needs to change is the communication. Obviously, WordPress is free to make decisions as to what works best for its organization and its users. I don’t think it’s too much to ask to have effective communication about their plans. A simple e-mail that says: “We’re making changes, click here to learn more about them,” would have been sufficient. xoM

    1. Whew! I’m not the only one! A little notice of the changes, and a place about where to learn about them, would have been courteous and greatly appreciated! Thanks, Susan! xoM

    1. While I may have a long learning curve, Leo, at least I do have one. All I ask is for a little communication so I can hitch a ride on that curve. Throwing it at me only confuses and pisses me off. And I can’t possibly be the only subscriber who’s bewildered by this! xoM

    1. All I’m asking for, Mike, is effective communication. Other service providers who’ve introduced such major changes to their subscribers, have had the courtesy to let said subscribers know, given them a place to familiarize themselves with the changes, and given them a time-frame about when the change would take place. WordPress? Crickets! Contact the Pressers directly? When I asked them to help me resolve a small issue with the Spanish language editing, I got bupkes! This is not an issue about just me or my blog. This is an issue about communicating with a large, humongous, community. And while I accept that it’s a dictatorship, there’s no reason for it to be a callous dictatorship. What happened to benevolence in leadership? xoxoM

  1. I don’t want your pictures to go bye-bye! Are you sure you haven’t just hit your upload max and need to purchase an upgrade to continue with your pictures?

    (Forgive me if someone else has asked this already.)

    1. No, Ruby, it’s not a matter of hitting the upload max – my pictures don’t take much space and I’ve got TONS of room. The point is I can no longer place them within a post in the order I choose to illustrate my story, such as it may be. There was no preparation, no warning of this change. If an upgrade is necessary to now do something that I’ve been able to do all along, then it behooves WordPress to communicate that to me, and to the millions of other subscribers in a similar situation.

      No worries, sweetie. I’ll gladly e-mail you pretty pictures, if you like! xoxoM

      1. That makes no sense (but then WP often makes no sense). I understand your frustrations. I know the way I upload pictures has changed, the screen is totally different, but I usually only ever do one (or occasionally two) in a post, and those I do one at a time. I can see how it would pretty much ruin your posts.

        If you want to email me pictures, that’s very sweet! But surely you can’t be the only one upset by this. WP has got to come up with a better solution! xoxo

      2. Thanks, Ruby. I agree with you: I’m not the only one affected by this lack of communication. That’s why I chose the blogging platform to shine a spotlight on a glaring omission on the part of WordPress. xoxoM

      3. I am supposed to be, and I made a big, stupid mistake yesterday by trying to get some shopping done. Lesson learned on that one.

        (And I promise I won’t say anything else!)

    1. No, I’m able to upload the pictures. For some reason, I can’t insert them into the post in the appropriate place. They get inserted into the post in the way that WordPress deems appropriate – which seems to be all at the beginning of the post. My complaint is that WordPress has not communicated clearly and effectively the changes it has implemented. Changes that affect a very large community, not just me. xoM

  2. I experienced this in doing my post today!!!! Pisses me off too! I liked the old format better and yes, a little warning/request for input would have been nice! Reblogging this.

    1. Thanks, Saymber! I recognize that WordPress can call all the shots. The community exists thanks to WordPress. And WordPress continues to exist thanks to its community. Since it is a symbiotic relationship, I don’t think it’s too much to ask to have timely, clear communication from WordPress on the changes it intends to make.

  3. It is so confusing for us. Whee don’t know what whee are supposed to do. Somehow whee will work it out again but as you say, a warning would be nice.

    Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil

  4. I wonder if it could be a theme-related glitch. I noticed the change, too, for my upcoming Saturday post, but I was able to insert the photos where I wanted them.

    But, yes, a head’s up that changes are coming would be appreciated. When I saw the difference, I headed to my dashboard and saw the post about the changes, ex post facto. Have you checked it out? Maybe there’s some info that will help?

    1. Thanks for the suggestion, JM. I’ll look there! I don’t think I’m being unreasonable to ask for a timely, courteous, civilized “heads up.” Especially from a company whose bread and butter is communication! xoM

  5. Noooo!!! 😡 I LOVE and always look forward to your photos/posts!

    For productivity sake, I’m on an extended internet/blogging/email break, but some one called to my attention that all of the “likes” from my US followers disappeared on my Burnt Toast Economy site a couple of weeks back. However, your “likes” are still there as well as a couple of followers from the UK, one from Australia and one from Germany. My husband keeps trying to re-like, but it won’t take. This is exactly one of the reasons why I had to take a break. I don’t have the time to spend on internet related glitches … to have to figure this stuff out. 😦 There’s always something. Gotta go old school for a while… it’s paper and pen for me.

    Best wishes! I hope this is resolved for you ASAP.
    PS I will email soon despite my hiatus. XO

    1. Ann, paper and pen is sounding very nice now. I just might have to have some paper and pen therapy, too! I’m sure this will get resolved, it’s just one more thing to deal with. I look forward to talking when your hiatus has an opening! xoxoM

    1. Gracias, amiguita! Perhaps I’m able to call WordPress’s attention to the fact that not all their subscribers are as technology sophisticated as they themselves are. A little notice, a place to check stuff out would be very helpful. Personally, I’d love an online chat since that’s a good way for me to resolve my questions, it’s the type of learner I am. Maybe down the line? Communication is a beautiful thing, when it happens! xoxoM

  6. I noticed it the other day and although different, it sort of worked. Today it wouldn’t upload for hours but I kept going back again and finally it worked. How do you contact them? I’m really sick of this too.

    1. I wrote the post, Bridget, because I have no idea how to contact them. I went through some convoluted forum thing months ago to resolve another glitch, which I eventually figured out myself because no one responded. My point is: communicate changes are coming and give us more than 12 seconds to shift gears! xoM

  7. Agreed M, an alert before a change would be good, an easy way to be able to contact ‘them’ would be amazing (though shouldn’t be Amazing!)

    Loved the old gallery format that changed each time you looked again – not loving the change even if they had given notice….

    1. Thanks, Annie. I understand WordPress has a lot of subscribers to take care of, and I don’t expect to like all, or even any, of the changes. I would appreciate a heads up and, even temporarily, an online dialoguer to hold my hand while I make my precarious way across the technology bridge! xoxoM

  8. That must really be annoying for you. I remember something like this happened to me once. Had some difficulty uploading some photos, but I did it. Either way, it’s good that you’re complaining this problem on WordPress. That way WordPress can fix this.

  9. I had this problem and went on the forum. It turned out that I had to update my Firefox browser and voila! I actually like the new way of doing photos now that I have it working. I bet they do have the capabilities to make an announcement to the millions of bloggers that are wondering what the hell happened.

  10. hmm, interesting. I didn’t realize there were formatting issues with the update (as someone who also uploads a lot of pics). BUT, I did notice a change in the way I upload, which was incredibly jarring to say the least. I agree that things like this need to be communicated en masse.

    1. Thanks, Tim. It’s a very large community with many levels of technological savvy. A little timely and effective communication goes a long way to helping us all find the same page! xoM

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