Brooklyn’s Waterfront Guardians

As much as I love the sight of Brooklyn’s bridges,

Brooklyn Bridges 002

on a recent trip to the borough via water taxi I was intrigued by what I noticed a little west of there. Brooklyn Waterfront Guardians 001 From the Manhattan side, I could see these crane-like structures dotting the waterfront.  I’m guessing they’re remnants of Brooklyn’s ship-building past, waiting to be called back into service.  Brooklyn Waterfront Guardians 002As we got closer, they reminded me of dinosaurs that might have roamed on this part of the planet jillions of years ago.  Brooklyn Waterfront Guardians 003For a brief moment, I had a vision of those mechanical behemoths guarding Brooklyn’s waterfront against invaders from Manhattan…Brooklyn Waterfront Guardians 004

I managed to make it through their ranks!


16 thoughts on “Brooklyn’s Waterfront Guardians

  1. Glad you were able to get the pics loaded in time to show us your Indiana Jones adventure. They are cool to let bounce around the imagination wheel.

  2. I believe these dinosaurs (and that’s how I think of them, too) are for unloading or loading container cargo from ships. I think you can tell how busy a port is if the “necks” are up or down. I’m not sure this is right, but I think if more necks are up, the port is not busy. The “legs” come in different configurations.

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