Thank You, WordPress

Today I’m able to insert the photos into my post as appropriate.  They say that actions speak louder than words, and your actions in fixing the glitch are very much appreciated.  Thank you.

Words backing up the actions are also important.  So I continue to urge and lobby for courteous, more effective communication with your subscribers.  I understand you operate on a shoestring budget – that’s a heck of a lot more generous than the dental floss budget I’ve operated on for years! – so I get that you have few human resources to allocate to that task. While your subscribers will probably continue to use your platform no matter how you treat them,  that’s no excuse to treat them disrespectfully.

To be perfectly candid, clear communication about upcoming changes and upgrades that affect all of us in our form of expression is much more valuable to me than an analysis of your subjective process of choosing a post to Freshly Press. If the tools I use to create a post that might have the potential for being Freshly Pressed suddenly aren’t working for me, then Freshly Pressed becomes irrelevant.

I chose the WordPress platform as a means of expression because it was simple enough for me, someone who can be technologically adept and is not seduced by, nor has any patience for, the latest bells and whistles vying for my attention this week.

I’m able to focus on a task for longer than a gnat, hence Facebook has no appeal and I don’t use it.  I fancy myself a bit of a creative type, so e-mail leaves some gaps in my ability to express that facet.  I’ve always found Apple to be a little pretentious and not as user-friendly or intuitive as it’s been advertised, so I don’t gravitate toward that platform.  I’m neither a technological dinosaur nor wizard. I don’t like to be patronized. As a centrist, technology-wise, I’m sure I’m in good, and vast, company.

Thank you for providing a platform for self expression.  It’s very much appreciated.  Should you be interested in further thoughts on communication, please feel free to e-mail me.



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