That’s How Quickly Things Change

Reflections On Lex 002Ever since it dawned on me that my cell phone has a camera, I’ve used photography as a form of remembrance. Of meditation. Of prayer. It’s not just the act of taking pictures, it’s getting them off my cell, uploading them to my netbook, titling them so that I don’t accidentally overwrite an image, organizing them in some way so that I can find them again. While my focus is on these activities, my mind is quiet and free from its usual chatter.  My small still voice speaks to me clearly.

Reflections On Lex 003When I was organizing recently uploaded photos this morning, I took special note of the ones in this post.  These were taken as I was standing at the bus stop on the corner of Lexington Avenue and East 86th Street, waiting for the westbound M86 bus.  I raised my cell and snapped a series of pictures of the new building diagonally across the street from me.  I liked the play of light from the rapidly sinking sun on its reflective, sleek, modern surface contrasted with the organic, naked branches of the tree. These pictures were taken within seconds of each other and the light in each picture is noticeably different.

Reflections On Lex 004I heard my small still voice whispering to me:  “In Life, that’s how quickly things change.”


19 thoughts on “That’s How Quickly Things Change

  1. “I heard my small still voice whispering to me: “In Life, that’s how quickly things change.” It’s been a while since I’ve seen someone use the phrase I also use to describe the inner voice of reason that seems TOO quiet at times or TOO loud like a drill sergeant lol. I’m always noticing things most people just drive by or ignore. For example I’ll notice if a store name changes or if a tree is missing from a place it’s always been. Change can come quickly and sometimes and for some things way too slowly. Beautiful pictures – you must have a better cell phone camera than I do….unless I have a lot of good light….crappy pictures.

    1. TOO loud like a drill sergeant yeah, it can be like that, too! lol! I take LOTS of pictures, since there’s no film, tilting the camera this way and that to catch the light. It’s only when I upload to the computer that I can see what I got. Try that tilt thing. I don’t have one of those smart phones. I just have a several years old Samsung phone. Give it a go! xoM

  2. Those are some of the most fun photography moments for me, when you have a brief moment with the right light and conditions which give a good photo. A few minutes either side and you have missed it. I take a lot of photos of my boy (of course the camera phone helps a lot in that regard), and from time to time, the right place, and light just makes the pictures a little bit more special. Especially in the context of the quality of the photo, as opposed to the moemory of him in the situation, although a combination of both are the really special ones.

    1. Gotta say, Elliot, if I’d had a digital phone when my daughter was little, I’d have chronicled every moment of her life…much to her chagrin, I’m sure! lol

      Enjoy your boy. He’ll be a man sooner than you can snap a picture of him! xoM

  3. I need to find my “small still voice” again. Life’s pace recently has drowned her out. Life can change in an instant, throwing us all out of balance. I’d like to get my feet securely under me again. 🙂

    1. Yeah, that balance thing can be tricky. Cut yourself a little slack, JM, and give yourself the time and space to just be. Once you start hearing her again, you’ll be fine! 😉 xoM

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