City Lights

AA Theater 015No matter the time of year, the 42nd Street area is filled with bright lights.  AA Theater 006The American Airlines Theatre, with the changing lights on its facade, can provide minutes of entertainment.  AA Theater 003And not just New York minutes! NY Times Bling 002The New York Times Building, which opened in 2007, is also quite splendid.  NY Times Bling 003I like all the angles and lines accentuated by the lighting.

By far my favorite on a recent evening, was this scene on Ninth Avenue, just behind the Port Authority.  PA Twilight 002No one does lighting like Mother Nature!

11 thoughts on “City Lights

    1. Yup, it’s sponsorship. When you come to NYC, you need to check out what’s playing at the New Victory Theater, right next door. It’s a family-friendly venue, they have wonderful productions and the tickets are very reasonably priced. Years ago, we went to see an abridged production of Shakespeare’s Two Gentlemen From Verona and Al Pacino was just a couple of rows ahead of us, very quiet and unassuming, enjoying the show. Keep it in mind! xoxoM

  1. “No one does lighting like Mother Nature!” It’s amazing how different one moment to the next can be with what she does. Dawn and dusk is my favorite “light” time. Color saturation in photos is best at these times.

    1. I agree. I avoid taking pictures in the middle of the day because the light just washes the color out of everything. Not being an expert photographer, I don’t know how to compensate for that technologically, so I compensate by using Nature’s gifts! xoM

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