It’s Beginning To Feel A Lot Like…Sumpin’

It’s cold today. A damp kind of bone-chilling cold that creeps in through the insulating layers of sweaters and coat.  650 FifthMaybe I should’ve worn socks. I guess we can still expect some expression of winter right about now, in spite of climate change.Downtown Night 004 It seems to be dark all too soon and I just want to be inside, cozy and warm.

I’ve got a lot of words whirling around in my mind, a lot of ideas saying IMAG0020“look at me, look at me!” Blinged On Sixth 006So, while I’m sorting through the clutter in my mind, I’ll just leave you with a few pictures of the holiday bling…Channel Garden Angel BlueI do love me some bling!

22 thoughts on “It’s Beginning To Feel A Lot Like…Sumpin’

    1. You’re welcome, Victoria! It seems this year I’m feeling especially challenged by the hard commercialism of the season. The lights, however, still remind me of the Light! xoM

    1. I can go with that…or a churros con chocolate over where you are! By the way, a churreria opened on Lex and around 84th a few weeks ago. Their churros are meh, but the seasalt hot chocolate is yum! xoM

      1. In here is hard to find decent churros, they are usually fried on old oil and taste like crap. I found a place where you can get good churros and they know so they charge you for that.

      2. How sad! They charge a lot on Lex, too. I grew up with streetcart churrerias in Venezuela…greasy and hot and more sugar and cinnamon coating than could stick to the churros! I’m sure they weren’t as good as I remember…but I do love that memory! xoM

  1. Lovely pictures – especially the last one. I have a neighbor who really has his holiday bling out – need to get a picture to post of it. I keep meaning to but am so dazzled by it when I start looking I forget lol!

  2. We’ve never gone all-out on holiday decorating, and I’ll usually tell people something like, “The contrast makes all the other houses’ decorations look even more amazing.” 😉

    But I do enjoy seeing it on other houses in the neighborhood!

    1. Me, too, JM. We don’t put our little Christmas tree up until Christmas Eve. While I like to take it down quickly, my daughter likes to keep it up past her birthday, in early January, and we’ve been known to have it up till…dare I say it?…Easter for lack of motivation in taking it down. It is small and out of the way, no more than a large vase of flowers. Only takes about 15 minutes to put up, and about the same to take down. Still, feels more like a chore than a joy! xoxoM

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