A Horror I Do Not Wish To Imagine

It’s not that I cannot imagine what the parents and loved ones of the twenty-six victims of the latest incident of gun violence are going through.  I simply do not have the courage to put myself in their shoes and feel what they’re feeling.

For the eighth time – yes, 8th – time this year, a major tragedy has been perpetrated on an unsuspecting public.  For the eighth time this year, a grievously afflicted human being has perpetrated acts of horrific violence on fellow human beings.

How many more such incidents must we endure before we take away the tools that enable profoundly disturbed people, whose wounds and injuries are not in plain sight, to turn their pain and rage on unsuspecting strangers?

Let’s take the guns away. They do more harm than good.

Let’s be more compassionate toward those who suffer, frequently not knowing how to seek help, or even that they need or are worthy of help.

Every time such a tragedy takes place, we are all affected.  We are all bewildered. We are all griefstricken. None of us have explanations.  We all feel helpless.

We are all One.

I’m not a mental health professional, or a public policy expert, or a law enforcement professional.  I’m just a mother, a daughter, a wife, a sister, a friend calling on all of us to fix this.

Please share your suggestions on what each one of us, individually and collectively, can do to shift us from a culture where violence is tolerated to a culture guided by compassion.

Thank you.



26 thoughts on “A Horror I Do Not Wish To Imagine

  1. As I just posted on Robin Coyle’s blog, there is something morally and ethically wrong with the fact that the US regulates car ownership and driving more stringently than it does gun ownership. Nothing will bring back the lives of these children and school officials. Bu it’s far past time to take steps to prevent other innocents from such crimes.

    1. Yes. Too many innocent lives have been sacrificed for the right of the fearful few who feel safer owning a gun. I understand this incident was carried out with a semi-automatic weapon, a weapon that shoots many bullets very fast, a weapon designed for military use. It makes no sense to make such weaponry available to the general population.

      We can stop fast food restaurants from selling sugary drinks larger than 16 oz in New York City, we can outlaw the use of transfatty acids in restaurants, we can stop people from smoking in the workplace, but we can’t stop the sale and use of automatic and semi-automatic weapons? Absurd!

      1. Margarita, I was just having a heated argument about this matter.
        It pissed me off immensely.
        You said, this government treat us like kids till the day we die and yet let us play with guns.
        It pisses me off that there’s people out there against gun control. Shame of you if you speak about the Second Amendment in terms of “rights”, gun possession is not a civil nor human right.
        How many times more this has to happen till someone does something.
        Shame on us as a country, this is disgusting.

      2. Totally agree, Leo. And the Second Amendment does not speak to the right to OWN guns, it speaks to the right to bear arms, within a militia, to defend the interests of the country.

        While I don’t buy into the whole concept of a military, there is a vast difference between owning weapons for individual defense and bearing arms in defense of a common interest.

        Furthermore, just a couple of days ago a father killed his seven-year-old son when the gun he had just purchased at a gun shop, legally, accidentally fired!

        Perhaps banning guns is not the answer. We are witnessing and experiencing very painfully that HAVING them DEFINITELY does not work! xoM

  2. Something is very very wrong when a 20 year has the ability to stockpile weapons without raising a big fat red flag!! It’ harder to get a pack of smokes at a convenience store.
    Is this what we needed to make change? Did we really have to have a group of 5 year olds murdered a week before Christmas to get our attention? I hope to God for these parents and their families that something good will come of this horrific tragedy.

      1. I’m sitting here stunned as I listen to the facts unfold. 100 rounds fired! I believe in the 2nd amendment, however we are no longer using MUSKETS! Changes need to be implemented.
        My heart just sinks for these parents and families..

      2. The 2nd amendment is about the right of having a well-regulated militia and the right to bear arms, supposedly as part of that well-regulated militia. It’s not about individuals having access to weapons that can fire 100 rounds in seconds!

    1. I feel each time something like this happens, more people do come together. I’m looking forward to the time when it’s possible to come together in joy and tragedy becomes a distant memory, never to be revisited.

  3. This kinda stuff happens in my country a lot, especially over silly and stupid things. Terror and injustice will keep on spreading until someone really, I mean really, takes action. Some of our youth are also participating in this act. It seems that the value of life in these people’s eyes are gone. I mean, they even tried to kill Malala Yousefzai and two of her friends. It’s sad, honestly.

    1. Yes, thank you for reminding us that the U.S. is not the only community afflicted with this kind of tragedy. It is, indeed, sad. Malala Yousefzai was assaulted and injured because of her attempts to help all girls in Pakistan and because of the fear her enlightenment engenders. In the spirit of Malala, and all the brave girls, like yourself, who understand the value of education and are courageous enough to seek it, it behooves all of us, in the U.S., in Pakistan, everywhere on our beautiful planet, to find a way to live in harmony.

      Thank you, little one, for sharing your thoughts and experiences! xoM

      1. There is a saying in Sanskrit, ‘ Vasudaika Kutumbam’. It means, the whole world is one family. We figured this out thousands of years ago. Why are we having so much trouble remembering?

      2. I don’t know why we have so much trouble remembering. My hypothesis is that once we take form, we believe that form is all there is. We forget how to access our resources in The Cloud. That’s what I think. And I’m here to remind us! 😉 xoM

  4. All we need to do is tap into some of that genetic memory and remember.
    Science is telling us that we all evolved in Africa, before spreading out.
    So come on people, just jog those memories and remember our ancestors!

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